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The need to train your workforce is nothing new. In fact, there are more training tools, services, and products available now than ever before. From to LinkedIn to traveling workshops, seminars, and conferences, there are countless outlets for training your staff and managers. So the question is… why do so few leaders feel confident about their training strategy?

The Rebel Haiku approach to training is simple but effective. Where books, conferences, and videos are focused on content consumption, our in-person training and practicum model is focused on engagement and application with the content in real-time. Where other training platforms disseminate information in isolation, the Rebel Haiku peer-group model translates knowledge from the abstract to the personal in a community style. Where training media is casual and requires no investment, the Rebel Haiku model creates a culture of accountability and ensures that everyone has skin in the game.

  • When you’re ready for a different approach to training…
  • When you want something that’s agile and results-oriented…
  • When you’re tired of spending money on tools no one is using…

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At-a-Glance Program Overview

  • 4-6 week courses and offerings
  • 1-hour training + 1-hour practicum
  • Personally led by Jon Barnes
  • Individual consultations pre-launch
  • Access to additional tools and templates

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