Frequently Asked Questions

Are the trainings in-person?

All training sessions are located at the Haiku Haus in Ellicott City, MD, just minutes from historic Ellicott City. The benefit of the in-person format is to create small groups of community and collaboration for each training cohort. Anyone can watch YouTube videos and attempt to learn but momentum and engagement rarely happens outside a consistent, personal, and collaborative context like ours. That’s the Rebel Haiku model.

What are the times?

Classes are held 8:30 – 10:30am. The first hour is training, the second hour is practicum and optional. Check each specific class for the day of the week that it occurs on.

Can you train our entire team?

Yes! If your organization is in need of training for an entire team (more than 2 or 3 people) then it may be worth contacting us to develop a custom training program tailored to your specific needs and times. These customized tracks can be aligned to your organization’s top priorities and can happen at the location and times of your choosing. Contact us to discuss the customization and pricing of these packages.

What are the discounts for multiple attendees?

Take 10% off for each additional registrant from your organization, regardless of which track they sign up for. Ex:

  • First attendee: Full price
  • Second attendee: 10% off their registration
  • Third attendee: 10% off their registration


What is the "Pay Your Way" discount for non-profits?

If you are a registered non-profit organization you are eligible for our “Pay Your Way” program. With your commitment to the program you will simply select the price point you are able to afford and that will be your price. Payment will still be due at the time of class launch but you will pick your own price for up to 4 attendees across any of our programming tracks. Simply complete the registration form and indicate in the notes section that you would like to take advantage of the Pay Your Way discount. This is our way to give back to you. Thank you.

How do the payments work?

After you complete the registration form a member of our team will reach out to you with your invoice. You will need to pay before the first class of each month or you can pay in total right up front. Check and credit card payments are available, all payment information to be provided to you upon completion of the registration form.

What else is included?

Registrants to any Rebel Haiku training program will receive:

  • In-person training session
  • Hands-on training and support as part of the practicum
  • Scheduled access to our full video studio and equipment
  • Resource sheets such as checklists, guides, and SOPs
  • Book, journal, and Rebel Haiku t-Shirt or swag

What is a typical training like?

Rebel Haiku trainings always start with coffee. After that it’s an interactive info session on whatever the topic for that session is. That could be an overview of how to create measurement milestones in your marketing program, how to use LinkedIn for an executive team, understanding the 5 most important metrics from Google Analytics, or creating social media graphics on the cheap. After the hour of training there is an hour of practicum where attendees can work on their specific challenges, projects, or applications right at our space and get hands-on support and help from our team. There are also follow up emails and communications to all attendees outside of formal training hours.

What are the practicums? Are they required?

Part of the magic of the Rebel Haiku training model is that attendees get a chance to apply what they’re learning immediately after learning it. After a formal training attendees can hang out at the space with their laptops and work on real-time projects for their organizations. This ensures a direct pipeline of application but with the support of our staff to help in transitioning from knowing to doing.

Are there guest speakers?

Each program will occasionally have a guest speaker or teacher as part of training and as relevant to the topic at hand. This is a rotation and happens as guest speakers are available.

Do the classes fill up? Are there waitlists?

Each class is first-come first-served with a cap on the number of attendees per class. Part of the intention behind the Rebel Haiku training model is in having small groups of learners who can collaborate, network, support, and learn from each other as an ancillary benefit to the program itself. When a class becomes full it will be indicated on the site but you will be able to sign up on a waiting list in case space opens up or another slot is created for a second class track. Check back to the site for details or email us at for details.

Do you provide consulting and creative services as well?

Yes! Bring us your most challenging and cherished organizational problems. Our creative consultancy is what we do here at the Haiku Haus on all the other days of the week. Learn more about Rebel Haiku’s strategy and consultancy services here.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our YouTube videos.Rebel Haiku videos