Rebel Haiku: The Consultancy

Rebel Haiku is a splinter cell of creative storytellers, strategists and savants; practitioners who have reached mastery in their respective crafts who now come together to break and bend the rules that once bound them. What we do is simple. Rattle the cage. Shake the foundations. Knock on the drywall. What we’re doing is looking. And listening. Understanding the deeper story before we prepare the perfect plan. And what is that plan?

We create ways for content to connect the dots between all the moving parts of your enterprise’s communications, people, and marketing. We’re consultants… that actually do something.

Exoskeleton CMO Explained

Jon Barnes speaks with Daily Ad Brief on the Rebel Haiku “exoskeleton” model:

Recruiting & Retention Strategies

  • Creating a content-based internal communications program
  • Translating culture into content for internal and external use
  • Strengthening employee engagement with a remote or disconnected workforce
  • Mobilizing employee brand advocates for bizdev and culture
  • Growing staff referrals through internal communications
  • Team features, wins, new hire spotlights, company news, and events
  • Tools, portals, content, and program management
  • Aligning HR, Operations, and Marketing teams

Training & Coaching

  • Tailored training for individuals and teams
  • Leadership training, coaching, and equipping
  • Creative management and alignment
  • Tactical marketing execution
  • Career and professional growth
  • Culture branding for talent acquisition
  • Retained consultative services
  • Website and brand assessments and analyses

LinkedIn Strategy & Personal Branding

  • Thought leadership publishing strategy and content activation
  • LinkedIn blogging program for key leaders
  • Creating LinkedIn in-platform video
  • LinkedIn profile makeovers for individuals and leadership teams
  • Maximizing LinkedIn visibility for business development and ABM
  • Reputation management and strategy
  • Search visibility and improvement
  • Using LinkedIn for sales teams
  • Hiring and recruiting strategies and execution
  • LinkedIn sponsored content and paid ads

Marketing Strategy & Outsourced CMO

  • Targeting organizational goals through marketing processes
  • Marketing ecosystem audit and roadmap creation
  • Creation of themes, contributors and topics
  • Content and email strategies
  • Martech integration and advisement
  • Social media strategy and explanning
  • Vendor coordination and integration
  • PR integration and paid content creation
  • Metrics and analytics tracking, reporting and analysis
  • Complete strategic oversight of content, social media, email, SEO, PPC etc.

Brand in a Box

Brand in a Box is like your launch kit… or your Re-launch kit. From initial brand analysis to your personal website all the way through to your first few months of content development, it’s a flat-rate, super-simple way to bring your new brand to life. You can try to do it all piece by piece, wrangling multiple vendors, or just attempt it yourself (do you really want to build your own website again?) But at the end of the day, aren’t you ready for something streamlined? Something with a plan? Something on brand? More value. Less churn. Faster go-to-market time.

  • Personal brand makeover
  • Analysis of peers, competitors, co-petitors
  • New personal website
  • Non-profit or charity-focused website
  • 2-4 minute promo video
  • Social media overhaul
  • Launch and brand any new social media channels
  • 3 months of content support for blog and social media
  • Launch party