Great Leaders Create Leaders

Younger middle management teams are the lifeblood of your organization. They are the ones that set the pace for your culture and directly impact the engagement, retention, and tone of your staff. And if your organization is growing, chances are your emerging tier of Managers and Directors are significantly younger than senior leadership. Ensuring that your middle management core is aligned to your culture and entrusted with setting the pace of leadership to the rest of your staff doesn’t just happen overnight. You can’t force it. You can’t require it. You have to build it over time. By investing in your emerging middle management teams you boost engagement, increase retention, improve culture, and ultimately, your bottom line. That’s the difference your leaders make over time.

Topics include:

  • Team leadership skills and dynamics
  • Time, resource, and money management
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Personal development and self-mastery
  • Writing and communications skills
  • Career growth and mapping
  • Identifying and growing other leaders
  • Developing growth curriculum and plans
  • Personal branding in a professional context

Cost: Reach out for more information

Perfect for:

  • Younger middle management staff
  • 20s and 30s Directors/Managers
  • Cross-functional middle managers
  • Groups of Managers and Directors
  • Leaders new to their roles
  • First-time people managers
  • Leaders hungry to grow

The right attendees are:

  • Open to learning
  • Eager to improve their skills
  • Hungry for skills and tools
  • Organizational shining stars
  • Punctual and committed
  • On a path to advancement